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Safety & Warnings

Before using your fivics products, Please read the following safety and warnings for safe operating parameters.

You are responsible for your safety as well as people near you when you shoot.

  • New to archery? We highly recommend that you go to a certified archery coach to teach you the basics of shooting and equipment setup.
  • Read the safety guidelines and instructions included with your equipment.
  • Never be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs while holding or shooting a bow.
  • Minors should always be supervised by an adult when they are shooting or holding a bow.
  • Always aim your bow at a bale/boss. Do not point it at another person. Beware of people near or beyond your target. Make sure they are a safe distance away from your target.
  • Check your surroundings for potential items than can be caught by the bow. Do not wear loose clothes and/or accessories that have the potential to be caught by the bow.
  • Wear safety equipment when holding or shooting a bow.
  • Check your arrow before each shot, damaged arrows should never be shot. Check the arrow manufacturer’s instructions on how to detect damaged arrows. Throw away all damaged arrows.
  • Always shoot with an arrow. Do not fire your bow without an arrow. This is called dry firing. Dry firing may potentially damage your limbs and cause serious injury or even death. If dry-fired, take your bow to a reputable shop to inspect for damages.
  • Go to a reputable shop or your coach to check that your bow is set up correctly.
  • Inspect your bow before you begin shooting. Check your riser, bowstring, limbs, sight, stabilizers, and finger tab to insure that your equipment is safe to shoot.
  • Use a bow stringer when stringing or unstringing a bow.
  • Loosen your limb bolts to a maximum of 5 turns out. If you exceed the recommended maximum, there is a chance the bow may explode. Potentially damaging your equipment and cause serious injury or even death.
  • Adjust your bow only when it is not in use. Do not let others adjust your bow when you are drawing the bow.
  • Use the correct spine and length arrows. Shooting an arrow that is not correctly spine or too short may cause serious injury or even death. Check manufacturer’s arrow charts for the correct arrow to use with your setup.
  • Do not mechanically customize your bow. Examples include cutting, filing, and drilling. This may weaken the structure of the bow and may cause serious injury or even death.
  • Change your strings when you see wear and damage. Frayed and damaged strings can cause the bow to explode and cause injury and even death. Replace the string at least every year.
  • Assemble all string accessories correctly. Secure all kissers and nocking points tightly to insure they stay on the string when shot.
  • Only use genuine archery products. Fake archery products may cause serious injury or even death when they malfunction.
  • Keep your equipment in optimal temperatures. Damages can happen when equipment is in prolonged exposure to moisture and/or heat. Store your equipment in a warm to cool area as well.
  • Keep body parts away from the string trajectory. If not followed this can cause serious injury or death.