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How to set limbs alignment!

March 31, 2020


How about taking time to reorganize our archery skill rather than resting at home in this terrible situation?
Here is easy way how to set limbs alignment!

If the string is centered on the top limb but on the left side of the bottom limb, decrease or subtract the washers from Pocket C (except in the below case).
If there is difference of more than 0.5T from the upper and bottom pockets, remove washers from Pocket C and place them into Pocket A.
If the string is aligned to both of the limbs and the riser, attach a stabilizer and ensure it is centered to the end of the rod.
While you are checking the alignment to the stabilizer, you may adjust the washers as shown in the picture above.
The center shot for the arrow can be checked and adjusted after fully setting the bow’s limb alignment.