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Fivics brand new finger tab "TENFIX"

February 13, 2020


Fivics new finger tab "Tenfix" was in the spotlight at 2020 Nimes & Vegas shoot

This year, Fivics will release an all new finger tab.
The new TENFIX Finger Tab is designed in collaboration with the nationally renowned coach, Kwon Yong-Hak.
Coach Kwon Yong-Hak is praised as one of the best coaches in China. He has produced amazing results as a coach: training the majority of archers who are currently on the Chinese national archery team.
Coach Kwon is successful due to his dedication to work with each of his students in specific and unique detail. 
Since many of Coach Kwon’s students have been dissatisfied with their finger spacer, he developed a unique style finger spacer which allows for a more natural hook, settles the thumb, and permits a comfortable relaxation of the middle and ring finger to promote a clean release.
Additionally, Coach Kwon utilizes a similar design of the Fivics finger tab EP frame, which prevents accidental plucking by enforcing archers to maintain a relaxed and natural finger tension.

With the expertise of Coach Kwon and the Fivics design team, the amazing Tenfix Finger Tab was developed with the thumb rest, pinky rest, and chin shelf each adjustable in three axis and six directions (6D), creating the most adjustable finger tab that will pave the way to the future of archery.
Release technique explanation.

In order to perform the perfect release, you must allow the string to pass through your index, middle, and ring finger simultaneously. 
Though the middle and ring fingers are placed under the arrow, the ring finger is not able to hold the string as well as the middle finger. This is because the ring finger is shorter than the middle finger.
Generally during tense competition, archers who are nervous tend to make mistakes by bouncing or plucking the bow string, thereby creating a disorganized and inefficient release. 
As a result, the bow string’s left and right movement (archer’s paradox) is magnified and the arrow’s trajectory becomes more unstable.

In conclusion, a bad release will cause the arrow to deviate away from the aimed location.

TENFIX Information

The newest addition to the world renowned Fivics fingertab, the Tenfix, will allow archers to achieve unity of the hand, absolute stability, maintain a comfortable hook, and perfectly distributes tension between fingers for optimal shooting conditions.  
The ergonomic three axis and six direction (6D) design of the TENFIX allows the shelf, thumb rest, pinky rest, and palm (EP) rest be compact in structure. This design allows for adjustability to match every unique archer, provides strong support with grip, and maintains stability in the fingers to avoid using unnecessary force.

With the new TENFIX fingertab, you and your archer’s arrows will always find its destination in the center. Trust your release, the arrow is fixed in the ten. TENFIX

Top shooter's choice. Fivics.